Sanctuary: A Place for New Hope

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This competition aims to educate and raise awareness about the devastating effects of natural disasters on individuals. Natural disaster survivors may suffer more than just loss. Designers must be able to empathize with the feelings of the survivors.

Participants are required to design healing architecture objects in the form of public facilities and services to accommodate the trauma recovery process of post-natural disasters survivors. The object may consist of a building, a cluster of multi-mass buildings, or a built environment and could be permanent or temporary. Not only should the design focus on the building(s), but also on the context of its environment.

Participants must identify one natural disaster that occurred between 1980 and 2021 in Southeast Asian countries. The design context may be established shortly after a disaster or several years afterwards. It is obligatory to consider the social, cultural, and economic circumstances of the community at the time.

Participants are recommended to access Google Earth Pro to get a better picture of post-disaster site conditions. The chosen natural disaster determines the location of the site area which must be at least 1 acre (4046.86 m2) in size. There are no restrictions on the site placement as long as it remains within the scope of the intended natural disaster. The distance between the site and the disaster center point can be adjusted accordingly.

Submission Requirements

Number of panels is limited to 4 pages on A2 portrait (594 x 420mm) paper (JPEG format, 300ppi, max. 25MB).

Panels should include:

  • Storyboard which figures the disaster and post-disaster conditions (pictures, illustrations, etc.)
  • Site Analysis
  • Concept Design
  • Master Plan
  • Section (min. 2)
  • Elevation (min. 2)
  • Interior/Exterior Perspectives
  • Architectural Details (if necessary)


Competition is open to the public, specifically to the Southeast Asia region of countries. Only undergraduate university students who are still enrolled as of November 7, 2021 are eligible to join the competition. Individual or a team of up to 3 from the built environment disciplines (architecture/landscape architecture/urban planning) and/or in collaboration with other disciplines.



  • 1st Place: $550 USD
  • 2nd Place: $410 USD
  • 3rd Place: $240 USD
  • Honourable Mentions x2: $70 USD each

All winners will received an E-Certificate and plaque