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The vision for the project is to build unique, modern and racy duplex apartments compound in Dahran city, Saudi Arabia. Our main goal is to create different living experience for our tenants by providing duplex units along with many other facilities (Parking, Gardens, Kids play areas, recreational areas…etc) and to provide enjoyable and private daily life.

1.2 Background

This is one of the new projects for Alsalimi Company; the land is located in Dhahran city at AlQusur district with square shape. Our independent market research indicates that the present and future market opportunity in the area is to establish a residential building designed to meet the needs of local and expatriates families in the city. AlQusur district are characterized as high residential density district featuring high income households, mostly residing in residential buildings, villas and compounds.

The research shows that the area has high demand for families apartments, however the surrounding buildings has standard level of apartments (low to mid scale), our aim is to stand out from the crowd by providing high level of living experience with cost efficiency building , the duplex apartments will give a feeling of experience similar to stand alone villas with all its privileges.

1.3 Design Theme

We are aiming for modern theme in the design approach to make the building stand out from the surrounding buildings and to have harmony with other project facilities. The success of the project depends on several important design factors, starting with building’s form, circulation, privacy solutions and Exploiting spaces.

2.0 Site & Project Information

2.1 Site General Characteristic

The Subject Site is mostly leveled and square-shaped land plot measuring 4,569 sqm. The Site has 75,92m frontage onto a major road (20m width) on the west side and 76,75m onto another major road (20m width) on the east side, There one other frontages onto minor access road (8m) which is 60m on the south side.

All required project information (CAD files which include land survey and setbacks, site photos in high-resolution & Google map location, can be downloaded from this LINK which is available at the PDF file.

2.2 Subject Site Context

• The Site is situated on a corner plot with three road frontages, increasing its attractiveness.• The Subject Site is closely located to Telal Aldouha public gardens which located at the North side of the project. And Altamimi hypermarket which is located at the South side of the project.

2.3 Municipality Regulations:

• Setbacks: - Setback at 20M road side = 4M- Setback at 8M access road side = 2M- Setback at neighbor side = 2M• Floors and heights: - The allowed floors are: - Ground Floor + 3 +Roof Note: (allowed area of the roof is 50% of the third floor)

2.4 Project’s Program & Area Schedule:

The required program as following: 1- Site setup: - The compound will be surrounded by fence boundaries with suitable car entrance and exit. - Availability to have direct entrances from road side to (selected) GF units with private garden. - The occupancy of the main building should not exceed 1,100 sqm footprints.- 50 car parking lots are required (Basement is NOT allowed).- Remaining area will be occupied gardens, and kids’ playgrounds.

2- The Building: - Total BUA about 4,334 sqm (balconies are not included in the BUA) - Total required units are (25 units) as follow:

• 1 bedroom unit (not required to be duplex) = 4 units.• 2 bedroom duplex unit = 18 units.• 3 bedroom duplex unit = 3 units. Preferable to have them at the higher level of the building (2nd + 3rd floors)

- Reception area is required at the GF to control access to the building.- Each duplex unit will occupy 2 floors level (daily living areas @ lower level & bedrooms @ upper levels)- Selected units @ (2nd + 3rd floors) will have indoor access to private gardens @ roof level (open space)- Roof level with 50% area will be used for common facilities which include : (multipurpose hall – GYM – indoor kids playground ) - Net clear height (from floor finish to gypsum ceiling finish) should not be less than 2.8m in living areas and 2.65m in wet areas. ( HVAC required space should be considered above gypsum ceiling). - Double height is required at living areas. - Spacious interior and open plan is required.(Note: below picture is just for explanation purposes)

3- Unit mix & units space requirements:

Area Occupancy by 1 BD units 210.00 Area Occupancy by 2 BD units 2,730.00 Area Occupancy by Occupancy 3 BD units 525.00 Recreation Area @ Roof Floor 475.00 TOTAL Area 3,940.00 BUILDING CIRCULATION 10% 394.00 TOTAL BUA 4,334.00

1 BD unit (Areas & Content) Living Room 16 sqm 2 Toilets (1 for master bedroom ,1 for living area) 6 sqm Kitchenette 8 sqm Master Bedroom 18 sqm TOTAL 48 sqm

1 BD Units Quantity (4) 2 BD unit (Areas & Content) Guest Room 18 sqm Living Room 18 sqm Dining Room 14 sqm Kitchen 10 sqm 4 toilets (1 for living areas, 1 for master bedroom, 1 for other bedroom unit, 1 for maid room) 16 sqm maid's room + Laundry 12 sqm Main Bedroom 18 sqm Second Bedroom 16 sqm Double Height Area 30 sqm TOTAL 152 sqm 2 BD Units Quantity (18) 3 BD unit (Areas & Content) Guest Room 18 sqm Living Room 20 sqm Dining Room 14 sqm Kitchen 14 sqm 5 toilets (1 for living areas, 1 for master bedroom, 2 for other bedroom units, 1 for maid room) 20 sqm maid's room + Laundry 14 sqm Main Bedroom 20 sqm Second Bedroom 18 sqm Third Bedroom 18 sqm Double Height Area 30 sqm TOTAL 186 sqm 3 BD Units Quantity (3) TOTAL NUMBER OF UNITS (25)

2.5 Deliverable:

Architectural Concept Design: - Cover sheet, including designer biography and participants ID - Site plan, showing (Site approach, hardscape & landscape, Parking layout) - Floor Plan for each level. Should include area schedule and unit numbering.- BUA schedule. - 4 Elevations. - 2 Sections (Minimum). - 3D perspectives (2 at least with night and day time). - Material Selection and material description.- Cost estimation - Boards’ size should be landscape A2. The design presentation should be submitted as combined PDF. - CAD files should be included in the submittals.

2.6 Registration Process:

Please send us an email on below address confirming your participating in the competition. Our team will send you back confirmation email along with your participating ID.

Email : [email protected]Mob: +966 53 078 6872

2.7 Competition Prizes:

First prize – USD 8,000 + Certificate Second prize – USD 4,000 + Certificate.Third prize – USD 2,000 + Certificate.

Download the information related to this competition here.