Mad Hatter’s Closet – Designing a personality-driven furniture

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In the old days, the necessity of storing clothes was not the purpose that was attributed to closets.

Houses those days were barely a single room while people slept on the floor. The elite people had manors with bedrooms where people slept and used for other activities, sometimes for entertaining guests too. When one’s bedroom was also to be occupied with so many activities, they needed a place to have a private moment, either for reading, praying, or to store their prized possessions. This is where the closet was invented.

Up until the late 1960s, the cloth hangers that we now find in closets and wardrobes were not even invented. Clothes were stored in chests and trunks.

The term closet eventually became a synonym for secretive or private.


It is always a sight to watch creative people go through their day and to wonder at the way their thoughts run. In every aspect of their life, some people stand apart, and to represent this quirky sect of our population, no one can do it better than a fictional character.

And who better than The Mad Hatter himself. The hat maker with an eye for good hats.

The challenge here is to design a personalized closet for Mad Hatter from the beloved fantasy story ‘Alice in wonderland’.

The aim here is to broaden the realms of closet designs by designing for the creative population and redefining the definition of storage in the future.

This project would help future product designers to broaden their visions and cater to the needs of all kinds of people.