#mOOO5 inclusive inhabitation: Human Mission to Mars

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As civilizations are awed by Mars for millenniums, the conquest of the Red Planet has not been made possible until our time. The interplanetary journey of [HMM] Human Mission to Mars not only carries our species’ hopes of sustaining humanity across the solar system, it also manifests the testimony of the mutual survival of cultures in the journey itself. A journey to Mars is inevitable in our near future, this competition challenges designers to create a diverse communal living space within a payload volume to carry Earthlings into the space of uncertainty.

The competition is calling for all designers to explore the notion of inclusive inhabitation in interplanetary migration [Human Mission on Mars].


While leaving an imperfect earth behind, one must ponder upon the balance between recognising the past and delivering a future. This competition assumes that the journey to Mars would take 9 months. We would invite you to consider factors such as the diverse cultures represented by the 24 astronauts (backgrounds and relationships to be proposed by participants), the comfort in a cramped space, the absence of gravity, etc.

Competition entry

You may enter the competition as an individual designer or as a group with up to three members. 20% of all entry fee will be donated and the rest will be put into the prize pool as awards for the 3 Winners.

Early Bird Entry – €20
Standard Entry – €35
Last Minute Entry – €50