Call for submissions: Independent Projects for Triennale 2022

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The Lisbon Triennale seeks proposals for self-financed projects that relate to the main programme of its 6th edition for the Autumn of 2022, and bear an independent and diversified character, essential for the living cultural mechanisms in the city and attentive to the liveliness of the debate around architecture.

We are looking for projects that stimulate the reflection on the theme for the 6th edition and enhance it, disclosing a broader creative and cultural view. The chosen proposals will be part of the official Triennale programme, sharing the international stage provided by the event with the central exhibitions. The Triennale 2022, Terra, explores how new paradigms are changing our ways of place-making in a globalised Planet. Terra addresses how climate cha(lle)nges, pressure on resources, and socioeconomic and environmental inequities are profoundly intertwined. Understanding these complex situations requires a paradigm shift from a linear growth model (cities as machines) to a circular evolutionary model (cities as organisms).The proposals can be Individual or Collective, from different background areas, knowledge fields, and nationalities. They must bear a clear connection to the themes of Terra, and can take any format (Exhibition, Conference, Workshop, Performance, Publishing, or Other).The projects must be entirely self-funded, and must take place in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area during the 6th edition of the Lisbon Triennale (29 September and 5 December 2022). A maximum of twelve proposals will be selected by the jury to participate in the main programme.